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Next Level Jobs programs to include early childhood education and child care training through the state’s Workforce Ready Grant and Employer Training Grant programs.

Click the Next Level Jobs logo to create your Access Indiana account. Access Indiana is a streamlined and simplified way for citizens and businesses to interact with state government. Access Indiana is a statewide effort to improve the user experience when accessing government services through creation of a portal where Hoosiers can access, link, and manage their online accounts for multiple state agencies.

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Pie chart depicting the distribution of grantees by company size. Companies with 50 or less employees make up 46.60%, companies with 51-200 employees make up 25.248%, and compnaies with 201+ employees make up 28.15% of the grantees.


Next Level Jobs icons for the 6 Employer Training Grant sectors; Advanced Manufacturing, Buidling and Construction, Health & Life Sceicnes, IT & Business Services, Transportation & Logistics, and Agriculture
Next Level Jobs has allowed our company to add staff in a faster timeline due to the extra funds available for training. We could not be more pleased with the results and the support of the State of Indiana. The skilled trades are facing a labor shortage crisis. I am proud to know that my State beleives in helping put Hoosiers into high paying, high demand jobs. Laura Ciriello-Benedict, President of William J. Ciriello Plumbing